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posted Jan 17, 2012 20:31:44 by HeatherTatton
In terms of driving - we are going to wait a while before we have you drive our car and the kids from place to place. DC is a challenging city to driving in and our cars are much bigger here than you might be used to. During the first few weeks, we will get you a Zipcar account that you can use to practice driving around. Zipcar is a rental service that rents by the hour and includes insurance and gas in the price. After a few months of practice, we will talk about having you drive more. But we want you to get used to the driving laws, our streets, and the cars here first.
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JayHarris said Jan 29, 2012 16:51:28
Here is the information in order to be able to get a Zipcar Account with a foreign driver's license.

Web Link for this information:

--- Foreign Licenses

If you have a foreign driver's license then we will need you to provide documentation from your country regarding your driving history. Please read the following steps carefully in order to ensure the timely processing of your application:

1. Choose your country from the pull down menu below (I already selected France). Please note that the instructions are based on records we have received in the past and may not be applicable to every region of your country. If this is the case or your country is not included in the list below, we suggest contacting the agency that issued your license so they can better direct you on how to obtain this information (see step 2).

2. Please make sure that the document(s) you obtain make some statement in regards to your history as a driver and not just that you have a valid license. The exact phrasing varies by country so please also make sure that we are able to verify you meet Zipcar's membership requirements.

3. If you obtain records that are not in English, notarized or official English translations must be supplied. All documents must include the name of the applicant.

4. (We will do this with you once you are here in the US) When you have your record, either email it to or fax it to us at 1-800-818-8439. Please make sure to include your name and contact information on all pages of your fax in case we need to contact you.


We will need a notorized translation of your casier judiciaire. Your casier judiciaire is available from the Ministére de la Justice. You can order it by filling out an online form, or you can request it by mail. Here's their address:

Republique Francaise
Ministére de la Justice
Direction des Affaires criminelles et des graces
Casier judicaire national

If you can, please get this form. We may be able to get this form online when you are here.
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JayHarris said Jan 29, 2012 16:58:41
Here is the information in order to be able to get a DC Driver's License.

--- Non-US Citizens obtaining a DC Driver license

Web Link for this information:

Non-US Citizens may obtain a DC driver license if they have a minimum of six (6) months duration of stay in the United States. The DC driver license will expire with the US duration of stay.

Non-US Citizens with an INS Notice of Action may be issued a temporary DC driver license or identification card for the duration of processing time indicated in the notice up to a maximum of 18 months.

Non-US Citizens with visitor VISA status are not eligible to obtain a driver license in the District of Columbia. (This is not applicable to you since you have work VISA)

If you have an out-of-country driver license, click here Non-US citizens with a valid out-of-country driver license for information and eligibility requirements. (I have pasted this information below)

If you are eligible to obtain a DC driver license, you must meet all of the following requirements.

You have Proof of Name, Date of Birth and US duration of stay/status
You have Proof of Social Security Number (we will get you one)
You have Proof of DC Residency
You have met the testing requirement for obtaining a DC Driver license
You have no outstanding debts to the District of Columbia or unpaid fines for moving traffic violations in other jurisdictions

--- Converting an Out-of-Country License

Web Link for this information:

Non-US citizens who possess a valid, unexpired, out-of-country driver license may obtain a DC driver license while maintaining their out-of-country driver license. A DC driver license may vary for non-US citizens, depending on visa classification. The written test is required for non-US Citizens who possess an out-of-country driver license. The road test is not required for those who have a valid, unexpired, out-of-country driver license. You do not have to relinquish your out-of-country driver license to the DC DMV. A certified translation is required for out-of-country driver licenses that are not written in English.

The DC DMV does not accept International driver licenses.
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