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posted Jan 15, 2012 22:43:55 by HeatherTatton
Marine - as we mentioned, we will provide a cell phone for making calls in the US. We will also add an international line to our home phone - you will use this for your international calls to France.
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JayHarris said Jan 29, 2012 17:23:20
The phone in your room will have unlimited calls to land lines (wired telephones) and cell phones for 80 countries (including France). You can call and talk as long as you like. People outside the US (and inside the US) will call you on this phone. We will provide the phone number soon by email so you can give it to people.

The cell phone will be for US calls and text messages only, but you will be able make international calls in cases of emergency. People outside the US will not call or text this cell phone. You can use the cell phone to send and recieve emails.

Speaking of emails and internet, we have internet in the house. You will be able access the internet whenever you want from a computer or the cell phone we provide.

We will explain all this information in more detail when you are here.
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